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    "Life's a Happy Song"

We will slowly add content (and kids)  Six kids and special needs doesn't leave much spare time.  :-)
Thanks for your patience. 

Who are we? We are a busy family of eight.
  • Ko'. Patriarch, carpenter, boatbuilder, and certified sign language interpreter.
  • Kai. Mother and top teacher of the growing brood. Musician.
  • Kiko'. Oldest son. Music lover, Worm farmer, Tea grower and Dog owner. (that coincidentally has a brain tumor, autism,  and seizures.)
  • Napu. Techno geek. App Developer, Musician, game nut, skate and wave boarder.
  • Charot. Princess. Talented Musically, beautiful, smart. (slightly bossy, but she's a princess)
  • Storm. Jungle Boy.  Autistic with communication issues.  He's a manly man.
  • Ha'ani. Baby Lady Bossy and Looks like her Mama.
  • Rook. Beautiful Baby Boy. Presently holds position of youngest.
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